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Cookies Policy

Use of cookies by KmerOccase


Our Privacy Policy describes how KmerOccase and its partners collect, use and protect the information you provide to them, as well as the choices available to you. One of the processes for collecting this information is through the technology of "cookies" and other similar technologies. KmerOccase uses cookies for various reasons.


Context of use of cookies


KmerOccase uses cookies on kmeroccase.com, its mobile applications, its products and services (advertisements, e-mails and applications, for example). It also uses them on the websites of certain partners.


What are cookies ?


Also called browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small, often encrypted, text files that reside in browser directories. They are used by web developers to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain actions.

Other technologies work similarly to collect data about your browsing activity.

Our cookie policy refers to all of these technologies collectively as « cookies ».

To find out more about all these technologies, you can consult All All about Cookies.


How KmerOccase uses cookies


There are four categories of cookies used by KmerOccase :

  • 1. Essential cookies: These are cookies necessary for the optimal functioning of KmerOccase. For example, login cookies that keep your login active while browsing KmerOccase.
    • 2. Statistical cookies: These cookies are used for internal statistics and mainly include cookies from suppliers such as Google Analytics.
    • 3. Personalization cookies: These cookies are used to personalize content, including classified ads. 
    • 4. Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to promote KmerOccase

What does KamerOccase do with cookies

  • Essential cookies
    • Essential cookies allow KmerOccase to remember your settings and preferences, such as the chosen language and your privacy settings.
    • They allow you to connect and disconnect from KmerOccase.
    • KmerOccase can also use them to protect you from attacks, as they identify attempts to hack your account or send spam to other KmerOccase users.
    • Statistical cookies
    • Statistical cookies allow us to improve KmerOccase. They tell us, for example, how many members are using a particular feature, or whether recipients of emails we send view them or not.
    • These cookies also allow us to help advertisers understand who interacts with their advertisements, and who visits their website and purchases their products.
    • KmerOccase sometimes uses third-party security or analysis service providers to help better understand how Internet users use its services. These service providers may, like KmerOccase, use cookies.
    • Personalization cookies
    • Personalization cookies allow KmerOccase to remember your preferences, members and websites you have interacted with in order to display similar content that may be of interest to you.
    • KmerOccase may also use cookies to help an advertising service it partners with show you interesting advertisements.
    • Marketing cookies

KmerOccase sometimes uses advertising service providers to market KmerOccase products on other sites and applications. They may use cookies to provide this service to us.


Your options


You can modify your cookie preferences on KmerOccase at any time by clicking on Cookie management at the bottom of the page.