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Rules and policies

KmerOccase is a classified ads website whose primary objective is to connect different parties with a view to the sale of a good or the provision of a service.


For your ad placed on KmerOccase to have a good chance of being displayed on our website, it must comply with the rules and conditions below. Failure to comply with these rules and conditions is likely to result in the rejection of your ad which will therefore simply be removed from our website.


  • General publication rules 

  1. 1. You must legally be the owner of the content you intend to sell, or be authorized to do so by the owner, their authorized representative or by law. The sale of certain intangible goods is not permitted on our website.
  3. 2. The text of the advertisement must mention the product/good/services being advertised.
  5. 3. When inserting a photo, it must represent the product/good/service being advertised. Photos showing minor children or containing representations unrelated to the proposed offer are prohibited.
  7. 4. You must own the rights to the images/photos/videos illustrating your advertisement.
  9. 5. With the exception of the categories of Employment - Services advertisements, it is not allowed to insert a logo as a photo attached to an advertisement.
  11. 6. Only the dissemination of advertisements offering the sale of original products is authorized (electronic devices, DVDs, CDs, video games, computer software, branded clothing and branded accessories, watches, etc.). We remind you that the sale of copies or reproduction is considered counterfeit and is punishable by law.
  13. 7. Any advertisement concerning a real estate rental, furnished or not, of the vacation or seasonal rental type and/or of a duration of less than 10 months or limited in time and/or which is by nature not intended for the main residence of the tenant, must be filed in the "Vacation" category.
  15. 8. You must place your ad in the place where your property is for sale. It only needs to be entered once. An advertisement entered in several places will be completely deleted.
  17. 9. Any advertisement inserted for the benefit of a professional making a sale or service offer or intended to publicize his activity must include a company identification number.
  19. 10. Any advertisement may be amended without notice by KmerOccase, before or during its publication, in order to comply with its distribution rules.

What absolutely not to do

  1. 1. Include in the title and/or description of the ad a link redirecting to another website.
  3. 2. Place an ad calling for private or humanitarian donations.
  5. 3. Submit a Person Finding Notice.
  7. 4. Post any racist, hateful or offensive comments/headlines/descriptions.
  9. 5. Place an advertisement of an advertising nature, all professions combined with the exception of the Services category.
  11. 6. Post an advertisement the subject matter of which is regulated or prohibited by law.
  • Items prohibited
  1. 1. Tobacco, drugs and associated objects, dangerous and illegal substances,
  3. 2. Medicines and parapharmacy,
  5. 3. Bladed weapons or self-defense weapons, firearms and explosives,
  7. 4. Protected plant and animal species,
  9. 5. Adult content (pornography, nudity, etc.),
  11. 6. Certain parts or derivatives of threatened and/or protected wild species,
  13. 7. Skin lightening products, or any other products presented as being miraculous.
  15. This list is not exhaustive. Any KmerOccase user, should therefore ensure that the good he seeks to sell or buy is a product authorized by Cameroonian law

Classification criteria for an ad


The user can browse the website within the different ad categories (Real Estate, Fashion, Services, etc.) and use the website's search engine.


The ads are sorted by default in chronological order ("Most recent"): the last ad published in a category will appear first in the results page of the ads in the category concerned and according to the criteria selected by the user in the website's search engine. The subscription to paid promotion options influences the ranking of the ads. Different options allow the advertiser to follow his ad:

- Immediately at the top of the list

- Every day for 7 days

- Every day for 30 days


The ads are classified by Regions of Cameroon, Departments / Cities, categories and subcategories and on each results page it is possible to sort the ads according to the following criteria:

- Most recent/oldest

- Ascending/descending price


The user can also filter the ad results according to the following filters:

- Individuals / Professionals

- Exchanges / Donations

- Urgent (Urgent logo corresponding to a paying option subscribed by the advertiser)


There are also other filters specific to the selected category or sub-category.


“Premium Ads” are also displayed on the home page of the website for all users. These are likely to change regularly and correspond to the ads that KmerOccase wishes to highlight.


When the user views an ad, he can access all of the advertiser's other online ads by clicking on the “All his advertisements” button with a link to the profile of this advertiser and all of his advertisements in line. In addition, when the user views an ad, ads similar to the one they are currently viewing are suggested to them at the bottom of the page, under the insert titled “Similar Ads”.